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    Address:Dongguan Dalingshan


    Duties:Process improvement, product bad analysis, equipment maintenance.

    1, mechanical equipment and its automation, automation, electrical automation, mechanical and electrical integration, electronics, material science, industrial engineering and other science and engineering major students; 2, solid professional knowledge, hard work, learning and accepting ability, ca

    Corporate welfare:

    The company strictly adhered to the labor law and carried out the working system of 5 days and 8 hours;

    Purchase social insurance and housing provident fund for employees according to law;

    Accommodation is provided free of charge;

    All air conditioning environment (workshop, dormitory, dining hall, activity center, etc.);

    All employees shall enjoy paid holidays, including statutory holidays (11 days per year), marriage leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, annual leave;

    The company staff Kangle large building, the establishment of a variety of facilities (such as the Kangle library, badminton court, TV room, Cara OK hall, chess room, gym, table tennis room, etc.);

    The company provides free skills training and a perfect promotion system;

    Employees have quarterly profit bonuses and annual incentive bonuses.

    Salary treatment

    The probation period (3 months): the salary is above 3000, and the overtime pay is another.

    The growth period (4-6 months): the salary is above 3600, the overtime pay is another.

    The maturity period (6 months later): the salary is above 4000, and the overtime pay is another.